Sculpture Trails

I initially got involved in Sculpture trails due to my interest in combining health and social care with illustration. The sculpture trails that I have created have all been supporting local hospice care with the work being auctioned off at the end of the trails. They have been a brilliant way to have more fun with my work and a lovely way to meet other artists. 

Visit York- 2023

I covered this six-foot sculpture with 20 miniature snooks all playing with each other. There is a list of 10 different things to find within the sculpture, to make it more engaging to audiences and encourage people to look at the design more thoroughly.
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Visit York Easter Trail-

During the six-week trial, my illustrations were used around the Shambles Market as an Easter hunt for Children to find all the Snooks in the Market.

Light The South-

Light the South will be raising money for Southampton Hospital’s Charity and has been sponsored by Williams Shipping. This 8-foot lighthouse is covered in different forms of public transport to encourage people to use public transport more regularly for both environmental and social benefits.