Hard Pill to Swallow-

‘Hard Pill to Swallow' is a piece created to inform people about the many factors that lead to healthcare and medication being inaccessible in the USA. To start solving the issues within the medical system people must first be made aware of them. Each pill includes a different fact or statistic relating to a social or economic issue that affects healthcare accessibility, such as race, lack of education, or location. I have focused on a range of different illnesses to try and highlight the breadth of issues that make medication inaccessible - the pills are lined up to look endless to try and show the scale of the issue. In total, I created a series of 36 pills, each being designed to be held so that the audience can understand the full impact of the pills.

Creative Conscience Award- 

I was lucky enough to be awarded a Creative Conscience award for this project in 2023. 
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Spraypainting the MDF
Sanding on a downdraft
Laser-cutting the text
Clay mocks ups